1: Introduction Follow Jessica Pearson's journey from Suits to Pearson in these must-watch episodes. Explore her transformation and power struggles.

2: Power Moves Witness Jessica's strategic power moves as she navigates the world of law and politics in these gripping episodes.

3: Legal Drama Get ready for intense legal drama as Jessica tackles high-stakes cases and challenges in these must-watch episodes.

4: Pearson's Legacy Discover the legacy that Jessica Pearson leaves behind as she fights for justice and equality in these compelling episodes.

5: Character Evolution Experience Jessica's character evolution from Suits to Pearson as she faces personal and professional obstacles in these pivotal episodes.

6: Strong Female Lead Celebrate Jessica's role as a strong, empowering female lead in these must-watch episodes that showcase her resilience and determination.

7: Complex Relationships Explore Jessica's complex relationships with colleagues and rivals in these emotionally charged episodes filled with betrayal and loyalty.

8: Emotional Moments Prepare for emotional moments as Jessica confronts her past and battles her demons in these heart-wrenching episodes.

9: Finale Experience the thrilling finale of Jessica Pearson's journey in these must-watch episodes that tie up loose ends and leave a lasting impact.