1: "Succession" Explore the high-stakes drama and power struggles in this gripping legal series.

2: "The Good Wife" Follow the life of Alicia Florrick as she navigates the legal world.

3: "Law & Order" Join the SVU team as they solve crimes and prosecute offenders.

4: "How to Get Away with Murder" Experience the thrilling twists and turns in this legal thriller.

5: "Scandal" Delve into the scandalous world of political intrigue and legal drama.

6: "Damages" Witness the intense battles in court and the personal lives of the characters.

7: "The Practice" Follow the trials and tribulations of a group of Boston lawyers.

8: "Better Call Saul" Discover the origin story of Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman in this legal drama.

9: "For the People" Explore the lives of young prosecutors and public defenders in New York City.