1: Meghan Markle's New Path Discover why Meghan Markle might not join the Suits spinoff.

2: Royal Duties Rule Her royal duties could keep Meghan Markle from the spinoff.

3: Family First Find out how Meghan Markle's family may impact her decision.

4: Alternate Projects Explore Meghan Markle's potential focus on other projects.

5: Personal Priorities Learn about Meghan Markle's possible personal priorities.

6: Legal Reasons Understand the legal reasons why Meghan Markle may not return.

7: Work-Life Balance See how work-life balance could influence her decision.

8: New Beginnings Consider Meghan Markle's opportunities beyond the Suits spinoff.

9: Final Thoughts Reflect on why Meghan Markle's absence may be for the best.